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BraveWords /Loudtrax create Indie Metal Sampler CD
Ashen Reign's "Hope" featured on Indie Metal sample CD. " and "Rock, Metal, Punk Download Site" presents Indie Metal For The Masses, our ongoing campaign to bring some of the finest underground music to the surface!"

Brave Words review of An Angels Burden
"Again, it comes down to the guitar playing, as the intro solo (yup) in the title track, the main riff of ‘Hope’, and the entirety of the cool QUEENSRŸCHE-tinged ‘Broken Heart’ all prove, classy and dominating."
Greg Pratt -

Ashen Reign checks in with Rough Edge

"Ashen Reign breathes life into the unique metal song with an insight that you can hear when Brent plays a riff, or breaks out a melodic solo. Fans of hard rock and metal will find something to relate with. With Ashen Reign, Brent does his craft with purpose and I guarantee you will be impressed with his musical prowess."
Jeff Rogers - Rough Edge

Review posted on Metal Underground
"With a laid-back gothic rock meets power metal approach to music, Ashen Reign’s latest album is a unique take on styles that’s enjoyable to listen to and shows some serious instrumental skill from band mastermind Brent McDaniel."
xFiruath - Metal Underground

Review posted on MetalCD Ratings - 4 stars
Ashen Reign is one man’s creative and emotional thoughts, put down on paper and heard through the music he has constructed. ‘An angels burden’ is a brilliant CD that would greatly appeal to fans of melodic rock/metal and also possibly doom rock and gothic rock. Fans of bands similar to Katatonia (who I mentioned earlier) would certainly be drawn to Ashen Reign’s style of metal.
Sean - -

Ashen Reign Reviewed on Metal Music Archives and Sea of Tranquility

“If you're looking for a power metal album that isn't cheesy, but instead powerful, emotional, and technically stunning, An Angels Burden should prove to be one of the year's best. 4 stars are well-deserved for this terrific album. Excellent job”
J-man - Metal Music Archives and Sea of Tranquility (July 19, 2011)

Ashen Reign Interview on Metal Music Archives
“Multi-instrumentalist Brent McDaniel is the brain behind the one-man metal army that is Ashen Reign. Ashen Reign released its sophomore album An Angels Burden on July 1st, and the album has already received a lot of attention, and a lot of praise, from reviewers. In the following interview McDaniel gives us the story behind An Angels Burden”
Time Signature - Metal Music Archives (July 8, 2011)

An Angels Burden hits it on Sea of Tranquility
"Though the style of this album is clearly power metal there are also slight hints of other types of metal, such as progressive metal and traditional metal, added in to create a better all around feel to the album."
- Brian Block - Sea of Tranquility (July 4, 2011)

An Angels Burden Available Now.
Today is the day and the album's out now.
An exciting day to be sure!!

An Angels Burden gets 4 stars on Metal Music Archives
"...while appearing to take a lot of inspiration from European power metal, Ashen Reign fortunately take the American approach to power metal which is much less marked by cheesiness and much more true to its rock and metal roots. This is a different power metal release to be sure, and I think that it will appeal to many fans of the genre."
- Time Signature, Metal Music Archives (Jun 24, 2011)

An Angels Burden 8.2/10 on Heavy Metal Haven
"I like this album because it’s different. When someone says power metal to me I usually expect either the rougher guitar driven style of USPM acts of the keyboard laden EuroPM style, while this really falls somewhere else...I highly recommend An Angels Burden to anyone looking for an atypical take on the power metal genre." -- Adam Gardiner, Heavy Metal Haven (Jun 24, 2011)

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